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Welcome to the Friends of Thomas Edison NHP.  We hope to provide regular updates on this Welcome page and point you to some current events and new activities at the Thomas Edison National Historic Park which includes the Edison Laboratories in West Orange NJ and the nearby Edison Home in Glenmont.

You are invited:

This is your opportunity to join the Friends of Thomas Edison NHP in the first annual Edison Birthday Gala on Monday February 11th, 2013 at the Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange NJ.  Your participation helps assure the success of this fundraising event and helps support the preservation of the Thomas Edison National Historical Park and its vast archives and will continue to promote the incredible Edison legacy. 

Invitation Birthday Gala

 Edison Birthday Gala Details

Please click the invitation for more details and be sure to call John O'Reilly at The Friends of Thomas Edison National Historic Part to process your invitation to this fabulous event.

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Behind the scenes with 'The Wizard of Menlo Park' from CNET

CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman visited the Park and filed a story that presents an overview of the sights and sounds visitors enjoyEdison First Phonograph at the complex including the labs and Edison home at nearby Glenmont. 


For a great story and nice color photos click the image of the first phonograph, the Kruesi Model to the right.  This links to the "up close and personal story" at CNET.com.  

Thomas Alva Edison in Time!

Tom Edison on Time Cover


Time Magazine features Thomas Alva Edison in its special 9th annual history edition.  Please click this image to access the "Table of Contents" and summaries of the several articles about Tom Edison's legacy.



Special Features and Topics included are Electricity, Phonograph, Movies, To Our Readers, Photos of the World's First R&D Lab.  The on line version of Time Magazine linked here includes some great Videos: Incredible Talking Machine, The AC/DC Battle, Movie (and Talkie!) Pioneer, The Electric Light and Edison's Menlo Park Lab.


Look around!

Be sure to see the on-line video presentations for a quick introduction to the fabulous Edison Historic Site. This is the next best thing to being there and something you'll want to see if you're planning on visiting the Thomas Edison NHP in West Orange NJ.   See what has already been accomplished at the Edison Home in Glenmont and see the completed improvements in the Labs.


The Friends of the Thomas Edison NHP have been archiving, cataloging, preserving the buildings, original material and items located at the dite.   But much more works needs to be done.  You can participate and donate to help preserve this extraordinary history.


If you have some suggestions for this website, please Contact our volunteer team. Thanks for visiting, we hope to hear from you.


For more information on how to join, please click Programs.   


Special Program:

Adopt an Edison Phonograph

This is a great opportunity for individuals, companies, phonograph collector clubs, research teams or anyone interested in participating in preserving the Edison legacy and history.  "Adopt" one or more of the very rare Edison Phonographs that need restoration so they can be included in the exhibit in the new Phonograph Gallery on the third floor at Building Five.  To see some machines that need special care before going on exhibit, please click.


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The Lab Notebook is the Official Newsletter of the Thomas Edison National Historic Park (TENHP). Click any of these Newsletters to get information from the United States Department of Interior National Park Service.  Read interesting articles about the history and current situation at TENHP, including personalities and profiles of staff and visitors to TENHP.


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